Jay Leno's Mystery Ailment: Dehydration


After concerning millions of fans by checking himself into Providence Saint Joseph's Medical Center yesterday -- resulting in a rare cancellation of a taping -- it turns out generously bejawed Tonight Show host Jay Leno was suffering from "an apparent case of dehydration." It's an innocuous diagnosis that nevertheless sits atop most Hollywood executives' Code Red Ailments lists, just above cowpox and inoperable brain cancer, as the dreaded d-word almost inevitably means your starlet has spent the last 76 hours hanging from a pair of gravity boots in a L'ermitage suite as the various members of an eclectic folk-punk outfit feed her nostrils alternating rounds of Amaretto Red Bulls and Bolivian marching powder through the same bendable drinking straw. In Leno's case, however, it just meant he was dehydrated.

· Jay Leno Released from Hospital [People]


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