Jay Leno Uses Up Single Sick Day


· Jay Leno has cashed in the single-sick-day-per-17-years allotted to him in his Tonight Show contract, checking into an undisclosed hospital after complaining of not feeling well. Not to worry, however, as a network rep assures that, "Jay Leno is doing just fine. He was kidding around with the hospital staff and running his monologue jokes by the doctors and the nurses." There's no better testament to the healing power of fake laughter.

· Nikki Finke is right. She so totally toldjus.

· Here's your exclusive first look at Nicolas Cage in The Well-Read Pilgrim. Or Van Helsing Goes Dutch. Or something. Anyone speak French?

· The greatest supporting Heroes villain of all time, The Puppetmaster, gets his own web series and homepage, where he can wiggle his fingers and paralyze busty ladies to his heart's content.

· Hey -- cheer up. If Brian and Anne Bercht can make it work, so can you.