Desperate Shrek Promotion Envelops Regis Philbin, David Letterman


Look, I'm not a big Shrek fan. For me, the most frightening part of I Am Legend was the unforgivably long sequence where Will Smith bonded with The Only Child in Manhattan by watching and quoting from the DreamWorks cash cow. I accept that I'm not in the film's target demographic of children or adults who love dated Matrix references, but I think I can safely say that this bizarre blast of Shrek promotion that's been undertaken to save the shaky Broadway show (which included a weird HuffPo advertorial yesterday) reached its nadir last night on Letterman.

That's when frequent Letterman guest Regis Philbin donned the big green getup in order to promote Regis and Kelly's Broadway Week (and, as it happens, Shrek the Musical). Letterman was gratifyingly nonplussed by what must have represented hours in the makeup chair for Philbin, and he promptly cut off his attempts at promotion, "mistook" Ripa's name as "Kelly Lee," and suggested that the family-friendly ogre join him to pick up some whores. Finally, a Shrek buddy comedy we might actually watch. Well, rent.

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  • JudgeFudge says:

    Poor Rege. He never gives anything less than %110, even in drivel like this. The man is like 78, you know. No doubt, in 15 years, when Dreamworks releases the inevitable Monsters v.s. Aliens v.s. Candy in 3D, Rege will come onto letterman dressed like raggedy andy and sing a song about lollipops and fart jokes.

  • jeni says:

    Regis Philbin has made careers for many in this business. Perhaps, in this economy Mr. Letterman would do his fellow brethren a service by allowing a promotion of the arts on his show. I don't understand the reason he couldn't help out fellow actors. Oh yeah, he's a comedian? Or maybe that drivel he talks with Paul about is interesting to at least the two of them.

  • Jon says:

    Is there a fact-checker on your staff. The "shaky" SHREK which grossed over 900,000 thousand last week and has grown steadily over the dark days of winter which are always slow selling times on Broadway. SHREK announced it's tour beginning in Chicago in June 2010. They're not desperate, you are - for facts. I suppose this is just another blogger with an opinion who doesn't have to know what's actually up. All that info is online - check it out. Oh and by the way, the show is actually a lot of fun for kids and adults, a great night for the family. I know this is a fact, my 11 year old told me so.

  • JudgeFudge says:

    @Jon: Dude, you must work for Shrek or something, right?

  • Mark D. Friedman says:

    Actually, I have seen this show with my kids and was not looking forward to a theater full of screaming kids but the cast is great and the voices and songs really good. This is Broadway in all it's glory. The guy who plays Shrek is hysterical and so is Sutton Foster. I went and it was packed! Well worth the $$$!! My kids know the whole score from the CD now and I'm sure I'll end up back there. The reviewer is just sitting at home and typing some "drivel" at 1 in the morning. Why would you listen to him?