Buzz Break: The Mary Jane Jokes Write Themselves


· Here's a first look at the Spider-Man-reminiscent poster for the upcoming fifth season of Weeds, in which our heroine reaches her munchies nadir and starts chomping on juicy insect guts.

· Indian authorities say they've found no evidence that disgraced Slumdad Rafiq Qureshi intended to sell his daughter, Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali. Lesson learned: sometimes, being polite actually does work in Hollywood.

· We can only imagine the audible gulp made by Mike Tyson's publicist when the documentary star was asked for his opinions on Chris Brown.

· If you want to know exactly how Lisa Rinna has oral sex with Harry Hamlin (and we do mean exactly), then by all means, click on the following link. We'll just be curled up in a ball, swearing off intercourse forever.

· Susan Boyle's eyebrows have been plucked! The ground is falling out from under us, people! CAN SHE EVEN STILL SING?!?


  • Old No.7 says:

    That poster with MLP just made me shoot my own web, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Thanks for the link to the Rinna story, bastards. Now I've gotta go rinse out the "basket" I used to puke in after reading about her trick.