Lifetime Dates Project Runway, Announces Deeply Unfabulous Schedule


Now that Lifetime has finally rescued Project Runway from legal purgatory, the network was free to announce its return date (August 20!) and the rest of its schedule at the network upfront today in New York. So has Lifetime managed to craft a lineup of shows that will take advantage of the buzzy new demographics that will be drawn in by the purloined Bravo jewel? Ha ha, no. Not at all.

Feast your eyes on these _fierce _new projects courtesy of TVWeek:

The Valerie Bertinelli Project, about a newly divorced mother who must maintain a balance between her family and running her ex-husband's struggling hardware business.

Alligator Point, starring Cybill Shepherd, which follows an eccentric group of Floridians whose lives change when a "Yankee" joins their extended family.

Sherri, based on the family experiences of The View's Sherri Shepherd.

And not one, but two projects (dramas Mona Lisa Smile and Mystic Pizza: Another Slice) that are based on Julia Roberts movies, which is great timing because of those massive Duplicity box office returns. Why, the young, gay hipsters will turn to Lifetime and never leave!

Also, there is one show with Margaret Cho in it. She plays the lead actress's assistant.

· 'Runway' Debuts Aug. 20 on Lifetime; 'Army Wives' Returns June 7 [TVWeek]


  • If they would just listen to Tina Fey and produce "Hushed Rapings", I'd be all over that network.

  • Karla says:

    Now wait just a gol darn minute!
    These cannot be real TV shows?
    Please tell me that these are not real TV shows.
    Or at least tell me that people aren't getting paid for developing these and that the creators are actually a bunch of chimpanzees in a room throwing feces at random letters of the alphabet?

  • Karla says:

    Nice use of html codes there, pard.