Funny, We Don't Remember Any Monkey-Fighting in Snakes on a Plane


· The mystery of how FX's censors might deal with Snakes on a Plane's most famous line of dialogue has now been solved. We're shocked to say we like it way better than the original. [/Film via]

· You know, we were just daydreaming what could make this Slumdog Millionaire child-selling poopstorm more fulfilling, and it never once occurred to us that the answer to our question might be a smarmy Fox news anchor chuckling over footage of two poverty-stricken women punching each other's lights out.

· In the wake of Miss California's shocking rejection of unopposite marriage, it's nice to see some recognizable faces coming out for another one of those A Gathering Storm commercial parodies. The message reads loud and clear, despite some minor technical malfunctioning of Alicia Silverstone's lower lip.

· "2:17 p.m. The finalists gather in the tiny greenroom behind the stage, their last stop before dress rehearsal in front of an audience of 600. A technician attaches Kris' microphone. It's a loose bunch, as Adam, Matt and Danny joke about a YouTube video of a reported leprechaun sighting in Alabama." American Idol 's Top 6: They're just like three-years-ago us!

· Hard Candy director David Slade is in serious contention to direct Eclipse, the third part of the Twilight saga, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily. It's a promising choice: If he can do with this material what he did with Ellen Page threatening to perform ball-removal surgery, it should be the scariest chapter yet.