Zac Efron Makes Ambitious Bid For Tech-World Supremacy


You had to know it was only a matter of time before Zac Efron would tire of hit films, mega-stardom and other tricky, transient Hollywood fruits. But no one likely saw that coming so quickly after Efron's latest No. 1 opening, which evidently didn't yield quite the windfall the heartthrob was looking for. But a new search engine unveiled this morning reveals an even more potentially lucrative Plan B.

Actually, upon inspection, GoogEfron reveals nothing more than a plain old Google search and its designer's perverse interest in being picked apart by at least two varieties of lawyers en route to his/her house as I type. Still, try it out while you can, ideally with your own name; there's something warmly reassuring about Zac Efron knowing so much about you. Believe me. Ahem.

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