Maybe Don't Try To Sell Your Famous Kid?


Hollywood may be rough on its child stars, but it's got nothing on the slums of India, as the father of Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali (who played young Latika in the film) has been accused of trying to sell her to an undercover journalist. The black market for Oscar-related child stars hasn't been this hot since Ryan O'Neal tried to sell Tatum for a trunk full of weed and and a development deal at Warners! But what did Ali's father do wrong (besides, y'know, the whole daughter-selling thing)? Lots!

I mean, selling a kid is pretty bad anyway. But don't sell a famous one! What happens when CAA comes calling, or Entertainment Tonight wants to do a "Where Are They Now: Slumdog Edition"? "Sorry, uh...Rubina' night...on a Saturday..." Good luck with that, buddy.

Her father has disputed the claims, telling People that he only agreed to the child-selling meeting because "in India, you never say 'no' directly, least of all to guests." That statement alone shows a wild ingenuity that was sorely missing from the actual transaction. I mean, at least attempt the "this is a clone version" card. (There's a Danny Boyle film in and of itself.)

Right now, Dina Lohan is feeling like the Mother of the Year. And you know what, Rubina's dad? You kind of gave her a leg to stand on. For shame. Oh, also for shame for trying to sell your kid. That was bad, too.

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