Batman Slays Jason, Claims First TOC Title

Maybe it was a mismatch, or maybe readers just weren't ready to let their croaking, sulking caped crusader go. Whatever it was, Batman made unusually easy work out of the Friday the 13th franchise to claim victory in Movieline's first Tournament of Champions.

Jason Voorhees's final-round loss was surprisingly bloody even for him: readers elected over the weekend to endorse the Batman franchise by an almost 9-to-1 margin. Of course, it's usually at this point that Jason comes lunging back to life for one last swing at his putative killer, and that may yet happen. (Here's hoping, but I'm not bitter!) For now, Friday fans, perhaps take solace in the fact that your beloved Bat-victim likely just became a frontrunner for a Supporting Actor Oscar. Silver linings, folks, silver linings.

Anyway, look for the next TOC soon. We welcome your suggestions for future grudge matches (and their contestants) -- feel free to file them in the comments, or send them our way directly. Thanks for playing!