Friday Box Office: Zac Attack


That mints it: Zac Efron is a star. Sans songs, he still managed to open 17 Again to a higher Friday figure than Julia Roberts could manage for Duplicity -- or, for that matter, Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck could for the brand-new State of Play. Meanwhile, Crank: High Voltage didn't outdo its predecessor, despite generally better reviews and a franchise cult following.

1. 17 AGAIN: $9,465,000 (new)

2. STATE OF PLAY: $4,570,000 (new)

3. HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE: $4,020,000 ($47,488,000)

4. FAST AND FURIOUS: $3,840,000 ($128,271,000)

5. MONSTERS VS. ALIENS: $3,575,000 ($153,398,000)

6. CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE: $2,650,000 (new)

7. OBSERVE AND REPORT: $1,425,000 ($16,062,000)

8. THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT: $1,115,000 ($49,883,000)

9. KNOWING: $1,105,000 ($71,326,000)

10: I LOVE YOU, MAN: $1,070,000 ($1,070,000)

Figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo


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