Teen Seth Rogen: Take My Jewish Grandparents, Please!


While preparing to play a struggling comic in this summer's Judd Apatow film Funny People, Seth Rogen performed a few secret gigs in Los Angeles to get in touch with his stand-up roots. Now, it's possible to see just how far those roots extend, as a YouTube clip has surfaced of the teenage Rogen performing at a Vancouver comedy club. Squeaky-voiced and holding steady at the fighting weight he was recently forced to slim back down to, Rogen regales the crowd for ten minutes with jokes about Jews, school, and sports. While the set's G-rated humor gives little sign that this young Canadian talent will grow up to someday date-rape Anna Faris onscreen, Rogen nevertheless showed precocious promise. The clip, after the jump:


  • Darth Vader's Mom says:

    Holy shit, teenage Seth Rogen's voice is terrifying.

  • Joe says:

    wow. that was painful. alot of drunk people in vancouver

  • bart says:

    he was unfunny then ... and he's unfunny now.

  • Brandon says:

    Man his accent is so Canadian here. I guess if you are going to be funny it will happen by 14

  • Reth Sogen says:

    Yeah, but he still got through his set like a pro.

  • JOE says:

    JOE: Drunk people? That's nothing. You should see the crackheads and methheads.

  • Shant Kiraz says:

    i like the ABC part.

  • max says:

    I agree with Bart... He's not funny, not as a teenager, not now. I can't see him getting any better in the future. Why does Rogen get so many roles in films?

  • DuDe says:

    I think he's ok as a teen but definitely funny as a grown up, and @ MAX hey Adam Sandler is lame and still he gets to make movies, so its not that bad.

  • Josh says:

    he is in all these movies because he wrote them.

  • Jeff says:

    I've had about enough of this guy. It's OK to say no, Seth.

  • Green child says:

    He's not that great in stand-up, but in terms of writing, he's a genius, if you like his movies. Pineapple Express was ridiculously funny. He injects emotion into the dumbest storylines, and it works.
    He's an acquired taste, but I like him,
    And uhh, what so "canadian" about his accent. He sounds like a normal dude to me, but then again, I am canadian.

  • adrea says:

    seth rogen is so fucking perfect. i am in love.

  • Insert Generic Name Here says:

    Seth Rogen has a hilarious sense of humor. You guys are crazy. Sure, that was painful to watch, but I don't see how you can knock his recent work. He's absolutely spot with his humor and delivery in his films. Again, you guys are crazy. Church.

  • e-wreck'd says:

    From a comedian's standpoint you want to reach as many people as you can, so your jokes (or writing) needs to resonate the majority of the population. Looking at his film sales I'd say he a success, but then again so is Larry the Cable Guy (ughh).

  • DorothyFieldsFarm says:

    I have to say I'm impressed. Of course the jokes themselves are not freakin' genius. But I'm impressed that he was able to perform at that level at such a young age. He's comfortable on stage, seems relaxed, and definitely has the whole audience with him. That's a difficult thing to do, and he managed to do that at 14?

  • kylo4 says:

    What's great about Seth Rogen is he's humble and self deprecating. In interviews he says, "I can't believe how I get to keep making movies either." Or "You probably saw Observe & Report and wondered why a studio would pay $30 mil to make it." "Yeah, because I'm who you picture when they talk about a Green Hornet movie."
    Almost everything he says is funny to me. The new age of Judd Apatow humor started with Freaks & Geeks and is present in all these movies "Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Humor with a heart. Not the stupid Billy Madison stuff.

  • furpurr says:

    I don't understand those who said he was unfunny... I mean, he was all of 13 years old! How good would you have been at that age? I thought he had some rather humorous stuff. So many haters in the world... it's sad... 😐 Of his current works {which is what I assume "KYLO4" is listing?}, I have only seen "40 yr old Virgin", which I found to be uproariously funny!! Still... why hate on a kid? Do you all feel more important & have higher self-esteem now? Wow... 😉

  • Hesokay says:

    I've seen the "40 Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up" and found them to be just a little bit different than the usual comedy fare. I did enjoy both movies and I think that SR is like Susan Boyle of recent internet fame. He's not super physically attractive but with his talents, he has a lot of potential. That he is can be self possessed in performing is a real plus. If he is in on writing the screenplays then he brings in the idea that there can be a happy ending in any time of life and in any type of seemingly impossible situation.

  • Koll says:

    As before, so now...
    His recent movies don't make me laugh, so this don't make me smile...

  • Zeek says:

    Becaus he is Jewish. And they don't feel like looking for new talent.

  • david says:

    He's a Jew with no knowledge of his people or his culture and no self-respect.
    No wonder he's so successful in the national media.

  • Fisheye says:

    I used to do stand up and the fact that he's able to pull off 10+ minutes is amazing considering his age.

  • Craig says:

    Everyone has to start somewhere...

  • Martin says:

    Wow, he used to be funny. Hasn't made me laugh ever since he always seems out of place and looks at least ten years older than the character he's playing.