Avid Golfer Bill Murray Gets a Hole-in-Woman


· Drunken, Stockholm-terrorizing golf cart joyrider Bill Murray has gotten himself into more trouble of the fairway: Apparently he hooked a tee shot so badly today at a Pro-Am that the ball flew across a street and knocked a woman down in her front yard. Murray explained: "I wasn't sure I was in bounds or not. And I saw this NBC golf cart coming at me and he said, 'I hate to be the one to tell you this but you hit a lady. She's down on the ground.' That is, you know, sobering...She was overjoyed when she saw me [at the hospital] because she said she had come out to see me and her husband had just said, 'I hope he hits it over here."


· Mad Men's second season gets its DVD and Blu-Ray release on July 17. Here, via the Mad Men Facebook page, is your first glimpse at the packaging, which you can hold under your husbands chin, squint, and direct him to, "Say something Don Draper-y to me," to put some spice back into your lovemaking.

· Followers of our Twitter Dispatches may have already have figured this out: Ashton Kutcher, aka user @aplusk, became the first Twitterer in history to crack 1,000,000 followers. He marked the occasion by livetweeting his celebratory "taking" of @mrskutcher on an inflatable mattress set up on their roofdeck.


· Tyra's stalker gets his day in court: "At the time of his arrest, he was found carrying a large duffel bag full of magazine clips of the model, along with notes he had written himself cataloging his attempts at contacting Banks." He countered "that he was simply responding to the model-turned-TV host's invitation for fans to reach out to her when he followed her from coast to coast, a defense lawyer said Friday."

· Val Kilmer has put his 6,000-acre New Mexico ranch on the market for $33 million, which includes "six miles of Pecos River frontage, a fishery and wildlife habitat, and Val Kilmer, who'll be living there while you do -- hope that's ok."


  • Inhaler says:

    Actually it would not be ok for Val Kilmer to live on the ranch.
    Imagine unwittingly shining a light on his bloated form, gingerly licking his chops as he lumbered toward the livestock under a pale crescent moon.
    It would be more terrifying than having to watch Observe and Report again.

  • Tony Dee says:

    Yano It seems people who are lacking in either stature or talent would find the need to belittle such a great actor as Val Kilmer... It cannot be of a source of pride within you to to use him as your whipping boy... His Greatness and Talent will shine through your attempt to discount him as a man and a great actor
    Tony (Anthony)

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I was hit on da head by a gold ball as a child and I turned out HOT! I think Billy did dis poor nonfamous woman a favor!

  • Little Mintz Sunshine says:

    Kilmer's been trying to sell that ranch for about as long as Matthew McConaughey's been 37.