Buzz Break: Blood Simple


· Two months to go until HBO premieres the next season of True Blood, but they've already released this dual-image promotional poster. While others see either a trail of blood or a vampire coupling, all we're able to picture is Ryan Kwanten's taut midsection. But then, that's always the case.

· Aziz Ansari and other comedians live-Twittered through a midnight screening of Crank 2, prompting angry film purists Harry Knowles and Devin Faraci to muddy up an entirely valid point (maybe don't encourage people to whip out their cell phones during a movie?) with macho, 140-character threats of physical violence.

· American Idol's Adam Lambert seized the chance to be pitcher for a day at Dodger Stadium.

· While we wait patiently for Mitch Hurwitz to begin work on the Arrested Development movie, critics are calling his interim series a disappointment.

· Christ, Ellen! When did you turn into Us Weekly?