EXCLUSIVE: Brad Renfro: 'Mickey Rourke Was the Brad Renfro of the '80s'


At last night's The Informers premiere, we caught up with Thumbsucker star Lou Taylor Pucci, who talked to us about the bond he developed with costar Brad Renfro shortly before that actor's tragic overdose death. Remembering the longtime addict who was once splashed across the front page of the LA Times in handcuffs, Pucci could barely reconcile the stocky, broken Renfro with the star of films like Apt Pupil and Bully.

Renfro's first words to Pucci? "Mickey Rourke was the Brad Renfro of the '80s." Was he referring to their squandered talent? Their prodigious self-destructive streaks? Their shared love of tiny dogs? We'd have asked Rourke to enlighten us, but the Iron Man 2 star shuffled past the press line and into the Arclight.

Pucci next appears in The Answer Man, which we caught at Sundance when it was called Arlen Faber. He's the best thing about the film.