Batman vs. Jason: Who Must Perish?

Movieline's inaugural Tournament of Champions enters its final stage today, pitting a billionaire in a cape against a machete-wielding man-child in a hockey mask. Beneath all the studio hype, they're equally stupid, but only one can retain his bloated franchise supremacy. The voting booths are open after the jump.

In the last round of balloting, Friday the 13th slasher Jason Voorhees made a six-piece meal deal out of pouty Twilight vampire Edward Cullen, effectively ending the Tween Bracket's Hollywood reign. On the other side, Batman vanquished Jason Bourne, as if no one saw that coming; expect Matt Damon to show up as Robin in the follow-up to The Dark Knight.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're leaving the polling place unlocked over the weekend (no camping!), so be sure to take your time and make an educated choice. And if you happen to be the guy or girl who sells Warners the inevitable Batman vs. Jason sequel down the line, don't forget to cut us into the deal. We're watching you.

Results forthcoming on Monday!