My Lover the Car


Pleasure is difficult to come by in these trying times. So if it has to come from an inanimate object, then who are we to judge? BBC America profiles individuals whose jollies involve tailpipes and fuzzy dice. Our own networks showcase a different flavor of crazy: well-intended mothers, well-intended politicians, and straight-up angry chefs.

BBC America Reveals "My Car Is My Lover" [10 PM, BBC]

BBC America Reveals - for those of you who haven't been keeping up with it, shamey shame shame - is like a more in-depth 20/20 or Dateline but combined with stories usually found on MTV's True Life or daytime talk shows. There is a lack of judgment and pretension about the series that is refreshing, even extending to the titles of the episodes ("My Small Breasts and I", "My Big Breasts and Me", "476-lb. Teenager"). Tonight's subjects are two mechaphiles - men who are sexually obsessed by cars - as they chat online and prepare for a car convention. As you listen to the VW owners discuss what it's like to have a full relationship with a car, take a moment to think about your own relationship with your vehicle. Is it purely physical? Or is there something deeper?

In the Motherhood [8 PM, ABC]

Emily (Jessica St. Clair) and Jason (RonReaco Lee) are concerned that their son has an imaginary friend. Jane (Cheryl Hines) rejoins a kickball league to convince Annie (Charlotte Foley) not to quit her karate class. Yeah, it's a little obnoxious at times and all the main actresses seem to be mugging a bit too much, but it's one of the better mainstream series that germinated as web video (Remember Quarterlife?).


Parks & Recreation [8:30 PM, NBC]

In the second episode of NBC's latest (but probably not the last) cringecom, Leslie (Amy Poehler) is dissatisfied with an article covering her park project. It might not be time yet, but we are hoping that there is some recreation to go with all the park stuff. On The Office there is lots of workplace talk and funny things involving copiers and paper, but most of the humor comes from Michael Scott not being concerned with working. How about a field trip to an urban park that ends up at a hip-hop club? We know Poehler can rap.

Hell's Kitchen [9 PM, Fox]

The remaining contestants prepare a signature dish that they would serve at Atlantic City's Borgata Casino & Spa if they win. This is the time of the season on HK when contestants start to realize that they aren't going to be that famous post-show, so they had better get their crazy on while there are still cameras around. There's also a sort of quasi-Stockholm Syndrome effect, where the contestants start to become Gordon Ramsay, which is fine by us.


  • Inhaler says:

    As aberrant as "My Car Is My Lover" looks so far, I'm sure it will pale in comparison to the sheer creepiness factor that exuded from the episode entitled, "My Fake Baby."
    It was basically British women who cared for baby dolls as if they were alive. I mean stroller through the park and everything.
    The crew were at the home of a couple where the husband looked incredibly uncomfortable to be on camera, and fittingly so. When the door to one room is opened it is literally chock-full of baby dolls. This wasn't Candy Spelling's palace either, more Silence of the Lambs.

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