Bourne vs. Batman in Tournament of Champions, Round 2!

A new age of Darwinian democracy has taken hold of Hollywood, and Movieline's inaugural Tournament of Champions has cut off its first four franchise casualties. After the jump, help separate two more chumps from the running before this weekend's championship bout.

Yesterday's voting yielded fewer close races than we would have liked, though Iron Man held a late, surprising lead in the Superhero Bracket before its adversary Bat-rocketed to the finish line. The Twilight, Friday the 13th and Bourne series all enjoyed much wider victories over their own competition.

But that was then. Two more battles await through the weekend -- and only the strong survive. Call your shots below, and be sure to return tomorrow to meet your finalists.


  • Inhaler says:

    Zac was topped by Robert Pattinson? Can't say I didn't see that one coming.

  • robot butler says:

    I voted for Twilight,not because I'm a fan but because I've hated the Friday the 13th movies since I was seven!