Hollywood Coming to a YouTube Near You


· No, that wasn't an earthquake you just felt. That was YouTube and the major studios coming to terms on a deal that would allow the site to stream thousands of mainstream movies and TV shows -- for free. Don't expect Iron Man to stream alongside Sex Man anytime soon, however; the studios will host their own content ("library titles," according to one report) on their own sites nudged well above the vast, unwashed YouTube fray. Expect more on this here in the days to come.

· Which reminds me: Aren't SAG negotiations still stalled on the very issue of new media residuals? All of the sudden my head hurts.

· Angels and Demons, Wolverine, Up, Star Trek... If you can summon even the slightest bit of outrage about anything at all, then summer 2009 is shaping up to be most boycottable season in ages.

· Peter Bart admitted on his blog that he empathizes with poor, beleaguered Mel Gibson. Some jokes make themselves.

· Movieline opening-day alum Sacha Gervasi is reportedly seeking Peter Dinklage to play the lead in his Herve Villechaize biopic. And why not? Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't even slightly resemble Truman Capote, and look how that turned out.

· We're all going to be confused by this sooner or later, so to be clear: Martin Campbell will direct the film adaptation of Green Lantern, and Michel Gondry is helming Green Hornet. A dollar goes to the commenter mnemonic that best helps us keep it straight.


  • Joan Wilder says:

    To go to Camp(bell) a Lantern is helpful. And Gondry is annoying, like a bug (Hornet). Yeah, I got nothin' but I could use a dollar so I thought I'ld take a shot.