Jamie Foxx Takes Miley Mea Culpa to Late Night


Two days after going nuclear with his (among other things), Jamie Foxx offered his apology during an appearance on The Tonight Show. Jay Leno broached the subject with care, lest Foxx reactively fall back on a burst of more race-bait rhetoric, but the Oscar-winning actor and comic expressed quick, unequivocal regret. And then he blamed the real culprit: the Internet.

Presumably this is the same "Internet" where he hosts Foxxhole, the online radio show where his blistering comments were broadcast in the first place (and from whose site the accompanying video was found this morning). But I guess it's true MileyChlamydiaGate was just one snippet of a long, mostly incomprehensible segment about nothing in particular, and MovieLine would like to offer its own apology in turn: We're sorry Foxx is an asshole.

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