New Basterds Clip Scalps Idol Viewers


The Weinstein Company has taken a stirring new approach to hype since successfully setting an Oscar trap for Kate Winslet: Hammer American Idol viewers over the head with Quentin Tarantino and Inglourious Basterds. The filmmaker, who'd previously guest-judged in 2004 (Diana DeGarmo will never forget him), appeared last night as a mentor for "Idol's Night at the Movies." And while I will defer to our resident Idol-ologist Seth Abramovitch for an official assessment of Tarantino's counsel, follow the jump for a glimpse at the actual "movie" part of the QT dog-and-pony show.

Unless you count the Idol fans among the international film community who will see Basterds' premiere at Cannes, the whole spectacle seemed a little too-much, too-soon for a film slated all the way down in mid-August. On the other hand, the teaser loudly, literally allays any doubt that Tarantino loves making movies, not to mention provides your first glimpse at Mike Myers's slow climb back from The Love Guru. You know -- it's a freaking commercial. Whaddya want for your 44 seconds?

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