Misadventures in Cougar Baiting


· Having tired of SNL's nerdy comic grind, Andy Samberg has apparently hit the growth hormones just in time to woo The Cougar (premiering tonight on TVLand)! But if his new look isn't your taste, feel free to spin the Carousel of Cubs until you find one to your liking.

· The legal minds at American Apparel have conjured an appropriately sleazy defense in their ongoing quarrel with Woody Allen, who sued them last year unlawfully using his likeness on a billboard. After all, they argue, how can anyone sully the image of a guy who once kept nude pictures of his stepdaughter? And just like that, Woody earned the easiest $10 million he'll ever make.

· Jennifer Aniston has a love scene in her latest movie. Marc Malkin has the wholly ordinary play-by-play. What can you do, slow news week.

· What does a producer do, anyway? As the deeply connected Temp X explains, it's complicated. But no official definition involves anything less than 80 m.p.h. thrown-phone velocity.

· Speaking of explanations, Anderson Cooper has one for every occasion. Just don't ask him how he knows this:


  • Inhaler says:

    The Cougar on TVLand. Finally, a show that's exactly located with it's target demographic.