Joel Schumacher The Latest Director To Suffer Totally Planned Viral 'Leak'


Believe it or not, Joel Schumacher movies don't just get slapped together in a couple weeks on the Warner's lot. (At least not any more.) There's evidently a process there, and you can see for yourself in dailies making the rounds as a "leak" from his new film Creek (nee Town Creek. Indeed, the scenes' lack of sound editing, narrative coherence or virtually any other post-production application implies some skulduggery, but there's precedent for us to be wary. Judge for yourself after the jump.

At least one other blogger has raised the suspicion that the three-minute clip might in fact be "one of the best viral campaigns in recent times," adding that not just any trailer and B-roll is likely to stir Web interest in a Joel Schumacher film. Moreover, it's actually been done as recently as 2007, back when The Weinstein Company and Todd Haynes doth protested too much about a clip of I'm Not There that circulated online. That one featured viewers' first glimpse of Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan (and David Cross as Allen Ginsberg);

This one, however, features hogs, guns, scrap piles and at least a couple spoilers:

Creek from AO on Vimeo.

In any case, I guess we've fallen for it. Joel Schumacher is back!

· Creek [Vimeo via /film]


  • Editrix says:

    It's got to be planned. Nothing leaves an editing room these days without a huge watermark right in the middle of frame. And no self-respecting editor would leak anything without glossing it up first.

  • Inhaler says:

    If you're gonna make Creek, you gotta expect a few leaks.