How Not To Take Things With Mel Gibson To The Next Level


Now that Oksana Pochepa has come forward to introduce herself to the British tabloids as Mel Gibson's "other woman" a sham-concocting opportunist (with the sliiiightly wishful-thinking money quote, "I hope that our union will be real and strong and long-lasting"), only one question remains.

How long before Gibson's lawyers coerce the Russian model/singer/bikini-tester to issue a statement to People denying the affair ever took place? After all, it appears that all parties are following the tabloid precedent established around David Duchovny, whose marital problems were compounded when his lissome tennis coach bragged about their "private sessions" together (though she later took the allegations back in a statement helpfully prepared by Duchovny's lawyer). Note to Gibson: make sure the settlement includes a stipulation that keeps soon-to-be-ex Robyn from becoming a roadie for Billy Bob Thornton.

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