Movieline Table Takes All at Assistant Beer Pong Tourney


Movieline was not to launch for another 48 hours, but it made a strong impression as the final table at the 2009 edition of the Hollywood Assistant Beer Pong Tournament. With the hopes of teammates from studios, agencies and production companies rising and falling like the fate of a new spec script on the tracking boards, El Guapo Cantina was alive with the tapping of ping pong balls and the odor of spilled beer and any number of Axe products. If you missed the action or would like to piece together your memories of the magical night, we have all the sights and sounds you desire.

Though Movieline was still the new kid on the block (other tables were named for Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Gawker (sp?)), we junior press members still felt right at home as half the night was spent listening to assistants complain to us about their jobs and then tracking us down thirty minutes (or 2-7 beers) later to ask that we please, please not print any of what they said.

Well, they might not remember any of that, but we assured everyone that El Guapo was a safe place and nothing they said would ever be attributed to them in any form.


In that spirit, here are some unattributed quotes from the event:

Short guy holding two beers: "Sundance, Slamdance, whatever. Kevin said that any dance would be great for the film."


Sober writer's assistant, speaking to us off the record: "Just wait a few hours, the inner douchebag will start emerging from all the agency people. Lots of fratboy hostility. Last year it was like an A E Pi mixer."

Three hours later -

Future leader of the entertainment industry: "Didn't we beat those Lions Gate faggots two rounds ago?"

Drunk guy: "Good luck in the tournament."

Annoyed girl: "I'm not playing. I don't work in entertainment."

Drunk guy: "Sorry."

Annoyed girl: "I feel sorry for you."

Surprisingly cheerful guy: "When people ask what I do at ICM, I just say 'fluffer.' They understand."

[Many thanks to Nicole Iizuka and Belinda Rungsea for the hospitality. We'll see you next year.]