And Starring Diablo Cody as Herself


It's a night of new arrivals - some coming the painful, please-change-the-channel-I-just-ate way (Donna Martin) and others coming from determined freebirthing mothers. Actually, a little bit of Tori and Diablo is probably what 90210 (and America) needs right now.

Freebirthing [8 PM, Discovery Health]

As fringe childbirth movements go, this one is probably the most extreme. Marvel as you follow the journey of three women who choose to give birth without drugs, midwife or medical care while hang gliding over the Swiss Alps. So, we made up the Alps thing, but that would make just as little sense. Interviews with disapproving doctors and family members serve as a Roman chorus.


Cupid [9 PM, ABC]

Trevor (Bobby Cannavale) tries to set up a teen's liberal mom (the always lovely Constance Zimmer) with his gruff bio-dad (Lee Tergesen). Claire's mother (Julie Hagerty) breaks up with her boyfriend and movies in with Claire (Sarah Paulson). Do we miss Piven? Not really, but his performance in the role helped support our theory that if there is a god of love, he has a sarcastic-sadistic streak.

90210 [9 PM, CW]

Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) surprises Kelly (Jennie Garth) and Silver (Jessica Stroup) when she drops into town unexpectedly. Ethan (Dustin Milligan), Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Liam (Matt Lanter) volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Diablo Cody, guest-starring as herself, convinces Donna to design a red carpet dress for her. All of that in just an hour! Also, was Jimmy Carter not available?


Biggest Loser: Couples [8 PM, NBC]

It's makeover week for the newly-slim contestants as they start to think about what life will be outside of the ranch, no longer allowed to dip everything in ranch dressing. Before getting the Tim Gunn treatment, they have to cross a canyon on a 700 ft. zipline with the winner of the challenge receiving a $25,000 kitchen makeover. Someone is injured tonight, but that happens pretty much every week.