Working Through Your Bitter Herbs


What's On is Movieline's daily guide to notable offerings in the 500-channel HD universe. For some of you, the savior has risen. For others, your matzoh hasn't. Keep the Passover excitement going with Israeli imports and a bunch of guys "doing" one of the greatest minds of our species. Pass the Kedem.

In Treatment [9:00 PM, HBO]

The psychotherapy series continues this week with two new episodes. In the first, Oliver (Aaron Grady Shaw) vents about his frustrations in school and splitting his time between parents. In the second, Paul (Gabriel Byrne) discovers that Walter's (John Mahoney) panic attacks are connected to a childhood tragedy. At times, it's hard to believe how the patients can even talk about themselves when looking into Byrne's stormy-blue eyes. We'd spend our entire session composing sonnets.

Confessions of a Superhero [9 PM, Sundance]

Making it in Hollywood is tough, especially when your day job is wearing a costume that you bought yourself. This 2007 documentary by Matt Ogen examines the lives of four of the characters (Superman, Batman, etc.) who delay traffic in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. And you thought being a PA was tough.


Surviving Suburbia [9:30 PM, ABC]

In the second episode of the telling-it-like-it-is sitcom, Steve (Bob Saget) screws up twice with Courtney's teacher by accidentally sending her an inappropriate email and then challenging one of her homework assignments. Why didn't someone give Saget this show ten years ago when people were just realizing that he was always working blue at heart?

Doing Da Vinci [10 PM, Discovery]

There must have been a list - not a long list, but a list nonetheless - of D-words that could alliterate with da Vinci. Developing, Demonstrating, Discovering. No, Doing was the play here. A team of crack telegenic engineers build working prototypes from da Vinci's sketches. Tonight they build an armored vehicle and use it to hunt down the remaining Knights Templar.


  • dollywould says:

    Julie's back!

  • Inhaler says:

    The Knights Templar, aided by the ceaseless passage of time and incredible foresight, are all now executives at major financial institutions. Hunting them down with armored vehicles would be quite the spectacle.
    Also - Bob, though your hose is limp, it's got impressive flow.