Photo Gallery: Cast of Star Trek Beamed to Kuwait


J.J. Abrams and the crew of the Starship Enterprise spent Easter weekend with U.S. forces stationed in Kuwait. It was by all accounts a brilliant launch to Paramount's PR ground assault--even if it managed to skirt the boundaries of good taste with a videotaped message from Osama bin Klingon, who pledged "spectacular intergalactic destruction should these human footsoldiers continue their Gre'thorian efforts of peacekeeping and goodwill."

One troop in attendance sent Ain't It Cool News his review. It's a thoughtful and informative critique from a rare, dignified fanboy--making me think that some of those jaded, potato-chip-grease-stained shlubs seated in front of me at Watchmen could benefit from a tour of duty or six. Then he ends on a note of hopeful idealism:

"I saw this movie in a military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) operated theater. As with all movies shown on a military base, before the film begins, our National Anthem is played...I'd offer that up to my civilian movie enthusiast peers as something to think about and to ponder: should we do the same thing at civilian run movie theaters?"

A nice thought, but will the patrons of Harkins Theatres Moreno Valley 16 submit easily to a pre- Dance Flick rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner?" It remains to be seen.

Here's some photos from the event, courtesy of


Eric Bana thrills a fan by filling the empty seat next to her, unaware that he's about to be asked to autograph a Trekkie corporal's crotch-warmed Communicator.


John Cho reassures a bereft private that Kumar isn't actually dead, he's just legalizing weed by order of the President.


Young Kirk Chris Pine tries not to wince when a female fan instructs him to "just make it out to Phyllis and sign it William Shatner. Thanks. My mom will love this."


Zachary "Spock" Quinto excuses himself to phone in his votes for American Idol's goth-glam frontrunner Adam Lambert. An equally passionate Lambert fan captures the moment for posterity.


Zoe Seldana furiously takes down directions to Iraq's al-Anbar Province, before being gently told by handlers that her request "to see some real action" might not be completely feasible.


A homemade chocolate cake presented in honor of their special guests had a disconcerting aftertaste of Tribble.

· It's The Second Coming of STAR TREK this Easter For Our Troops in the Middle East! [AICN]


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