Showtime To Behead Tudors After Fourth Season


Showtime announced today that it has both renewed and canceled one of its flagship series, The Tudors. Creator Michael Hirst will see the series through to a fourth and final season (which will hopefully take a cue from the concluding Lost and answer endgame questions like "What is the smoke monster creeping out from under the door to Jonathan Rhys Meyers's trailer?").

It's only the latest execution from the suddenly bloodthirsty Showtime, which earlier this week smothered all four of its pilots in the cradle. The network should be flying high right now: it's usurped HBO as a buzz leader, and some of its most high-profile shows, including Dexter and United States of Tara, still have potentially long runs ahead of them (while past-their-prime shows like The L Word have been jettisoned). Just beware if Showtime president Bob Greenblatt interrupts your next pitch meeting to show off the guillotine he purchased off eBay, then chases you around the office while shrieking, "Nurse Jackie starring Edie Falco, coming later this year!"

· Showtime renews -- and ends -- 'The Tudors' [THR]


  • dollywould says:

    I won't be satisfied until I see Jonathan in a fat suit as older Henry. Make it happen, Showtime!
    Also, I'll shed a tear for the regular sight of Henry Cavill on my television...

  • Inhaler says:

    Please send Rhys Meyers to the set of Dexter once The Tudors wraps so that he can play that part he was born for.
    That being a homosexual sociopath with a penchant for Floridian twink.

  • does that mean we all have to endure one more new season of JRM's sneering, date-rapey face in addition to this one? ugh.

  • lysa o says:

    @unicornfandance JRM can sneer at me and date rape me all he likes. even in those gay ass costumes.

  • optical_allusion says:

    If the Tudors didn't get cancelled, wouldn't they have run out of wives by season 5 anyway?

  • Ahlix Cervantes says:

    I know that The Tudors has been canceled for a while now. I just started watching the series and finished it. I was disappointed that at the end everything was crammed into the last four episodes. King Henry the VIII was not the only Tudor. The series could have continued with a little bit of Prince Edward, then Princess Mary, and then Queen Elizabeth. After all the series was called "THE TUDORS" There is a lot of history there that is interesting. I hated History Class in High School, but this series has lead me to research the net trying to learn as much as I can about this family! It has even inspired a trip to Europe! I hope that maybe one day this comment will persuade someone to give the series another shot.