Jamie Foxx's Easter Wish For Miley Cyrus: 'Catch Chlamydia'


Oscar-winner and part-time radio host Jamie Foxx may or may not have known Hannah Montana was going to lead Hollywood's biggest-ever Easter weekend, but he had a gift basket prepared for Miley Cyrus anyway. Yet if the rowdy, NSFW sentiment he passed along Sunday to his online listening audience is any indication, she may politely decline. Hear for yourself after the jump.

Having long ago perfected the fine art of peer-ego deflation (just ask Terrence Howard), Foxx recently responded to a caller's Cyrus inquiry with predictable class. "Who's Miley Cyrus?" came his reply, followed by urgings for the tween queen to get a "gum transplant," "make a sex tape" (with her father, natch), "get like Britney Spears and do some heroin," "put some crack in your pipe," and finally, "catch chlamydia from a bicycle seat." It's stirring stuff by any standard, placing listeners on high alert for next weekend's appeal to Zac Efron to "get like Chris Brown and bite Vanessa Hudgens."

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  • Colander says:

    Miley is likely posting photographs of her and her friends in blackface as we speak.

  • Old No.7 says:

    Please. Miley earned these badges in Girl Scouts.

  • New York Body - LA Mind says:

    Wow, Jamie is calling out Hannah for press? He peaked with Tubbs I tell ya, he peaked!

  • Inhaler says:

    That audio clip was just completely vicious:
    "..that little white bitch."
    Is that really any better than the famous..
    "..nappy-headed hos." Imus quotation?
    Strange what can be gotten away with depending on the mouth that it comes out of.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    i think Chlamydia is one of her cousins. jamie was just trying to be helpful.

  • Anonymous says:

    How can he be such a fool?!!!
    Come press time for his new movie, things WILL NOT bode over well....
    and MILLIONS will be making fun of him when they release reports that she made MILLIONS, in her opening weekend, more then his upcoming opening weekend.
    Too bad. The Soloist has such a fun/interesting cast of characters. Besides this 40 year old, bashing a teen role model his own daughters age.

  • kylo4 says:

    Nah, it's only because it was Miley Cyrus. Then its okay. Well, her and Britney.

  • Kimmy says:

    Ok, This is jacked up. I Thought Jamie Foxx Was Better Than This Crap. What The Hell Happened? Why Dont you go
    make a sex tape With Your Mom. Why Dont You Go do some drugs (Every Body knows you probably have) That Ruins A Girls Life When She Hears That, If miley would have heard this, How the hell Do you thing she feels? She Probably Feels Like Crap. Good God. You Guys Are Ass Holes.

  • 2605sille says:

    what the fuck is wrong with this guy !
    he's so fucking sick !

  • FeFe says:

    Foxx is a race baiter. Jamie Foxx (presenter) and Miley Cyrus (performer) were both recently on the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMAs) show in Las Vegas, 4/5/09, on CBS. I couldn't believe when Foxx presented and mused about how a black man, him, would be singing country on the upcoming George Straight salute special (filmed 4/6 to air 5/27 on CBS), and this indicates how far our country has come. Dude! taking a crap on a music legend doesn't make your genius obvious. Charlie Pride has 4 gold records, multiple CMA winner with Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year awards, and still touring. I guess Foxx doesn't want to play Charlie in a biopic but doesn't MTV say old school gives thespians/pop musicians street cred?
    When did country music lose its low brow status or is he slummin' for the night? When at the age of 14 he learned Straight was to play his hometown, despite being warned that it wasn’t a good idea, Foxx vowed he would “cross whatever tracks I had to go over, but I’m going to see George Strait.” Foxx apparently believes Americans living on the wrong side of the tracks are equal but some are more equal than others. Such condescension.
    Radio comedy show? I seem to recall Don Imus saying something along these lines.

  • amanda says:

    That audio clip was just completely vicious:
    "..that little white bitch."
    Is that really any better than the famous..
    "..nappy-headed hos." Imus quotation?
    Strange what can be gotten away with depending on the mouth that it comes out of.
    Tell me about it! Weird how black people can insult every single race and everyone laughs, yet a white person does it and his career is over and people hate him for ever. I'm sorry, but no it's not ok. If you want racism to end, how about you stop being racist yourself!! I don't care how immature a teenage girl is, she doesn't deserve those comments. Nobody does.

  • Nat says:

    ^I agree Amanda - NO ONE deserves this apart from the people actually handing out the insults, if you can even call it that. And when he said 'go make a sex tape'and oceanUP said (with her father, natch) WTF is that about? Just because Miley is close to her Dad! Shouldn't that be a fairly good thing??!

  • Kim says:

    I must say it does matter what race you are to get away with comments like this! If it were a white person speaking in this manner concerning a person who wasn't white the nation would be up in arms! If it's wrong coming out of a white persons mouth it's wrong coming out of anyones mouth regardless of color. We are "Americans" period. If we are to ever be equals prejudice must end on all sides. Regardless what happened amoung our ansestors and prior generations all that it owed to one another today is the respect we earn. If you don't give respect don't expect anyone to hand it to you! The comments Jammie made were vicious and condecending, not even in the realm of being humorous in any manner. This slander of his shows that some people will do anything to earn attention regardless how much it tarnishes their own reputation and standing as a human being.

  • Veronica says:

    First off let me say that yes I am a black women and secondly I dont think that Jamie Foxx was being racist but I do think that the shit he said and his crew was foul. That was fucked up and I do agree with most of yall when I say he is too old and that is immature to target a 17 year old girl. And Amanda every black person doesn't insult every single race, so for you to say that you are stereotyping but nevertheless I am very ashamed of that brother. It shouldnt have had to come to that.

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