How Many Sam Rockwells Can You Spot in the Moon Trailer?


Welcome to The Two-Minute Verdict, Movieline's regular feature dedicated to parsing the best, worst and weirdest new movie trailers on the market. In the spirit of our grand opening, we begin here with not quite a review, but rather a game: How many Sam Rockwells can you count in the teaser for his one-man, multi-character thriller Moon?

And the prize? Don't get greedy -- just enjoy the distillation of one of Sundance 2009's best films, a sci-fi mindfuck starring Rockwell as... Sam, a man nearing the end of his three-year contract as a lunar energy harvester. The duty is tough, the conditions spartan, and, needless to say, the lifestyle is on the lonely side. That is, until Sam encounters a familiar-looking stranger marooned outside his base camp. And then another. And, well, yeah. It's technically brilliant, Oscar-caliber stuff, but perhaps only if Sony Classics can determine whether his lead or supporting roles are more deserving of a campaign. Or if Academy members can distinguish one from the other in the first place.

That's their problem, though. Yours is that you have to wait another three months plus for Moon to open July 24. Meanwhile, the teaser offers reliably sound glimpses into the influences, tone and tension of the thing, and if you can say "no" to Kevin Spacey voicing a suspicious supercomputer, then you're likely beyond its reach anyway.