Leo Sits Zac Down For a Heartthrob-to-Heartthrob Talk About Heroin Use


When Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted sitting together at a Lakers game in November, the conversation between the teen idol torch passers was the subject of intense speculation. Might Leo be doling out advice on film roles? Tabloid scrutiny? Acquiring model girlfriends directly through their talent bookers? None of the above, Efron has now revealed. They were talking about drugs.

Dished a surprisingly candid Efron to GQ:

"He said, 'There's one way that you can really f--- this all up. Just do heroin. If you steer clear of that - the other obstacles you'll be able to navigate.' And that makes sense, dude."

Indeed it does, bro, and how kind of Efron to nod patiently, attempting to scope out the game going on behind DiCaprio's ballcap while the Titanic star growled, "And if you black out after a night at Hyde and find yourself in an abandoned boxcar where a hobo offers you twenty dollars to beat him up, you tell him no. That kind of shit almost cost me Man in the Iron Mask."

· The Graduate [GQ]


  • lysa o says:

    can you imagine zac on the smack. i'd pay good money to see that!

  • Beppo says:

    "That kind of shit almost cost me Man in the Iron Mask."
    It did, however, cost him the ability to feign any type of accent for the lead role in the film. That was the most incredibly miscast role ever. And I mean EVER.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    so no heroin? guess i'm good to go so far. thanks, zac and leo!!

  • Brilliant Orange says:

    Coke sprinkled on your mojito is totally fine, though.

  • Old No.7 says:

    "Oh yeah - one other thing. It never hurts to spit-shine Scorsese's knob once in awhile."

  • gwendemarco says:

    Robert Downey Jr is laughing his ass off right now. Allegedly.

  • Juancho says:

    He's Goyim, so it's uncut and particularly sensetive, FYI.

  • Inhaler says:

    Keeping fingers firmly intertwined is the first thing you are taught when learning to suppress bromantical feelings. These guys are doing a great job.
    Legs are a giveaway though. They just can't help but spreading them towards each other; magnetic.

  • WindowSeat says:

    "Also, avoid puberty or you'll end up a moon-faced load like me."