Help Us Help You Understand the Trailer for Perfect Sport


Although its trailer premiered a little over a month ago, I'm sad to say I'm only now catching up with the upcoming indie drama Perfect Sport. If its relative anonymity in the YouTube wilds is any indication, I wasn't alone in my oversight. Let's clear up this injustice right now, and, in the process, hopefully resolve an even bigger issue around the film. To wit: What the hell is this movie about?

Filmmaker Anthony O'Brien kicks things off with a brooding introduction to a young man named Lee, played by... Anthony O'Brien. We soon learn that his adversary Travis isn't worth a fight unless he's boinking Lee's sister -- then it's on. And why not, especially when she's a lithe young wrestler played by Jessica Rose, the artist formerly known as LonelyGirl15? They're all wrestlers, in fact, none seeming more incompetent than Lee himself, whose face has a bad habit of secreting bloody mucus during matches.

So Lee he does what any dedicated athlete would do: He dims the lights to a noirish dark, smokes a cigarette and finds a skeevy new coach with a desk full of steroids. What happens next plotwise is anyone's guess, but all the wet eyes and slow-mo foreshadowing imply it'll be bleak. The coach has a gun, Lee has a temper, and little sis has a fit. Tears stream, but crowds roar. Will Lee taste victory over an opponent's dead body? So many questions!

Perhaps best of all is the cast roll call near the end, featuring Rose, Stella "Daughter of Harvey" Keitel, and the director himself, who saves his announcement for last with a prestigous "and introducing Anthony O'Brien" credit. Nevertheless, repeat viewings yield even richer, campier rewards, and the low-budget bombast has this viewer hooked. After Last Season it's not, but these two head-scratching minutes suggest Perfect Sport deserves no less than total viral glory.



  • Ian Dinsmore says:

    Perfect Sport will be available this
    Saturday April 25 at for purchase on DVD.
    April 24th - Live for purchase on Amazon VOD
    April 28 - Live for purchase on iTunes
    Be on the lookout for it!