Miley Cyrus Bites Head Off Hollow Chocolate Hollywood


In today's Hollywood Ink ... Miley steals Vin's Easter basket ... Showtime passes on its one sure thing ... Parks and Recreation isn't a ratings dumping ground ...

· Hannah Montana The Movie pulled in $17.4 million yesterday (pause to hold lit match to the corner of my recent essay, "Hollywood: Now and Forever, Vin Diesel's Town"). Estimates are high-30s for the weekend, which would make it the second-biggest Easter opener in history, behind all-time egg-hunt champ Scary Movie 4. [Big Hollywood]

· Thanks for playing, don't let the door slam your pilot's ass on your way out: Showtime has passed on Tim Robbins' Possible Side Effects, making it an astounding 0 for 4 orders this season after already saying thanks but no thanks to The End of Steve, Ronna and Beverly, and a The L Word spinoff. Robbins wrote and directed the pharmaceutical-empire family drama, which featured an impressive cast, including Ellen Burstyn and Tim Blake Nelson. THR reports it "tested very high," and so the general reaction is shock and confusion, with the possibility that its subject matter might have scared off CBS, who relies too heavily on ad revenue generated by drug companies' herpes-warding, depression-alleviating products to risk alienating them with a series that basically portrays them as a pampered clan of Oedipal kooks. Alternate theory? They ran out of cash. (But love watching pilots!) [THR]


· After Kings took a fatal Nielsen slingshot to the eye and Chopping Block expired prematurely due to a nasty case of salmonella poisoning, NBC's last great mid-season hopes-- Southland and Parks and Recreation actually performed respectably for the network. Not great, but not bad, either. Cue cautiously optimistic, cliché-ridden super-statement from NBC co-chair Ben Silverman: "Clearly it's a marathon and not a sprint, but we're really invested in these shows, and they are really super-high quality, and last night gives us some space and belief that they'll continue to perform." [THR]

· Trust Me, the generally well-received but unwatched ad-men dramedy starring Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh, received a rare flat-out cancellation from TNT. You heard correctly: Not "hiatus," not "retooling," not "might come back at some point later this season, or decade, so we're not going to use the C-word, got it?" but an actual cancellation. Where's Gay Don Draper when you need him for the words to cope? [THR]


· Having won NASA's online contest to name the new wing of the international space station--fans eschewing their options of Serenity, Legacy, Earthrise and Venture in favor of write-in candidate "Colbert"-- Stephen Colbert will host astronaut Sunita Williams on Tuesday's show to announce the results. (Spoiler: Initial disappointment will give way to exuberance when news of the Carlos Mencia International Space-Crapper is made official.) [AP]