Angelina Jolie, Sin City 2 Come Full Circle On the Rumor Mill


Some troublemaker still in town over the long holiday week decided to reintroduce Sin City 2 as a going Hollywood concern, stirring up news that The Weinstein Company had lost the rights to follow up Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's 2003 hit. (The Weinsteins produced the original at Miramax.) Both Rodriguez and the brothers' legal overlord Bert Fields soon refuted the reports, but the gossipmongers aren't about to let the rumor mill sputter out so anticlimactically. Which is where Angelina Jolie comes in. Again.

Moviehole on Friday cited a "high-profile producer friend" placing Jolie in negotiations to star in the prospective sequel, to be based on Miller's graphic novel A Dame to Kill For. Of course, it's the same rumor that has dogged the project since at least 2006 and was first thought dead two years ago when another anonymous friend-of-somebody-or-other whispered Rachel Weisz's name as Jolie's replacement. And that was the end of it.

Except then came '08: Jolie was interested in seeing what the "genius" Miller might do with a follow-up, and thus somehow became linked once more to the film. And now, with Weisz apparently a distant memory and the shaky Weinsteins emphasizing their ironclad franchise ownership (not that they'd have any compunctions about forcibly retaking rights they might have lost), the circle is magically complete. We knew Harvey was a workaholic, but to recycle this much chatter -- during Passover! -- seems above and beyond even for him. He will get his woman -- or one of them, anyway.

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