Deconstructing the World's Strangest Movie Trailer


Every once in a generation comes a trailer so sublimely nonsensical, so unfathomably awful, it's as if God Himself lowered a divine finger to scrawl "WTF?" across its title card in cursive.

And so it was written, and so it shall be, that After Last Season was that trailer.

It has already been pored over by internet meme scholars as though it were a Rosetta Stone of cinematic oddity, holding in its robotic line readings, crunchy CGI flora, and papier-mâché medical imaging technology the very secrets to the Universe of Bad Movie Making itself.

Art? Accident? Heavily encoded message hastening the arrival of a malevolent species of extraterrestrial lifeform? You'll just have to wait to June 5th to find out.

Verdict: Yes, yes, a million times yes. This is The Room for new interns and volunteer drug-trial addicts.