Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, November 2004

November 2004


Mark McGrath: Extra Work
Anybody who's seen Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath on VH1 shows like Rock & Roll Jeopardy or I Love the 80's knows the man is gifted when it comes to entertainment trivia.

Mischa Barton: The Free Spirit
When 18 year old British beauty Mischa Barton became an overnight success on The OC, everyone wanted a piece of her. Now she's learning how to deal with the fame, fortune, and the endless gossip.

Jack Nicholson: A Chat With Jack
Jack Nicholson has no true rivals in Hollywood. Who, after all, could compete with his one-two punch of long-term success on-screen and indelible persona off-screen? Here Nicholson talks about the ease of identifying with the devil, the joy of wearing a mask and the pain of doing one line 147 times for Stanley Kubrick.

Karl Lagerfeld is the design maestro who revitalized the legendary label. He has also created his own fashion line, collected world class art, mastered French history and learned the cha-cha. But his greatest invention may be his own identity.

Matt Long: Long Story

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