Matt Long: Long Story


AGE: 24


HOME TOWN: Winchester, Kentucky

SEE HIM NOW: As Jack, the "guy we all wanted to be in high school," on the WB's critically acclaimed freshman drama Jack & Bobby, which profiles the adolescence of two brothers, one of whom will become president of the United States in 2040.

CAUGHT ON THE FLY: "On set I had an extra tell me that my fly was down. You know, I was acting cool, but all coolness stops right there."

BIG BROTHER: "I am really impressed with my manager's faith in me. I did a screen test for a soap opera and ended up getting it. He said no even though he wasn't getting a cent because he knew that there were better things in store for me."

ACTING VICARIOUSLY: Long claims that his character is much more popular and athletic than he was in high school. "I was terrible at sports. I quit baseball my sophomore year and that was just with the community leagues!"

FUTURE ASPIRATIONS: "Eventually, I'd love to do roles that aren't me, like be terribly mean to people or play some sort of scuzzbag!"


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