Sarah Lancaster: Lady Luck


AGE: 24


HOMETOWN: Mission Viejo in Orange County, CA

BEST KNOWN FOR: Steaming up the WB drama Everwood as Madison, the rock-singing coed girlfriend who (gently) took high schooler Ephram's virginity.

SEE HER NOW: As the college-student-by-day, blackjack-dealer-by-night Veronica Harold on the new CBS series Dr. Vegas, starring Rob Lowe as a Sin City casino's in-house doc.

QUALIFICATIONS: "I actually frequent Vegas. My girlfriends and I take annual trips out there, but I'm not a big gambling girl. We're a fairly clean group, a lot of lounging by the pool and eating at decadent restaurants. Vegas has great spas, you know."

THE DOCTOR'S IN: "Every girl that I know just fawns over the fact that I'm working with Rob. I've got a list down to my ankles with people that want to come by the set and meet Mr. Lowe."

BLONDE AMBITION: "I have more fun as a blonde. I've been pretty much every color in the book. Girls get bored and we like to change things up. And I think blonde suits me best, definitely."


Andre Chautard


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