Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, June 2004

June 2004


Busy Philipps: Keeping Busy
Age: 24 Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona ALL DOLLED UP: Before her stint as the hard-partying Audrey on the final two seasons of Dawson's Creek culminated in a drunken Christmas car crash into Dawson's living room and a trip to rehab, Busy Philipps was working the toy fair circuit in New York as a real-life Barbie doll for Mattel.

Creation Station
Whoever says L.A. isn't an art town hasn't been to funky Bergamot Station, where refined meets underground -- with a Hollywood twist, natch. Actors Ron Livingston and Poppy Montgomery lead a gallery tour.

Jon Foster: Fostering Talent
"I'm definitely not going to be the type of person who is gung-ho about my job," says actor Jon Foster. "Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy it." It's just that for the 19-year-old, who stars in this month's twisted relationship tale The Door in the Floor, with Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger, acting has never been a dream as much as it just became his reality. He spent childhood summers tagging along to acting camps with his older thespian brother Ben (The Punisher), and when the family relocated to L.A. from Iowa so the elder Foster could pursue his career, Jon simply followed suit. "I just started going to auditions and eventually grew to like it. And here I am."

Paris Hilton: Paris Is Burning
Paris Hilton is the latest in a long line of rich girls who partied their way to fame. But with a hit TV show, a budding singing and acting career and a tell-all book, could the sexy heiress actually be more than this year's model?

The People's Photographer
In his new book of portraits, British photographer Platon channel surfs through contemporary culture.

It's Delightful. It's Delicious. It's De-Lovely!
Jet-setting, high-living and never, ever dull, Cole and Linda Porter reigned jubilantly among the glitterati of their day. Now the debonair pair is back on the scene in a lush new film filled with Cole's innumerable, indelible love songs.