Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, May 2004

May 2004


Rachel McAdams: A Life Less Ordinary
Watch out. Rachel McAdams will steal your heart. And no, she won't give it back. Otherwise known as the hot chick in The Hot Chick, and, well, a mean girl in Mean Girls, it's her searing turn in June's The Notebook that'll suspend romantic reality and make this pretty baby stand out.

Gregory Smith: Ever Good
From baby commercials to films like The Patriot with Mel Gibson, Gregory Smith has been acting (and loving it) since he can remember. Now melting hearts as shy, sensitive piano prodigy Ephram Brown on the WB's angsty father-son hit drama Everwood, Smith says he didn't have to travel far to Sundance this January for the preem of what he calls his "extremely independent" new movie Book of Love, an infidelity tale costarring Frances O'Connor and Simon Baker.

Alicia Silverstone: Arousing Alicia
Parked outside Alicia Silverstone's trailer on the set of her NBC series Miss Match is an eco-friendly Toyota Prius hybrid, which is not surprising, given the 27-year-old vegan actress' well-publicized views on animal rights and the environment. On the car's back window, someone has scrawled "Watch me, please."

The Breakthrough Kids
They're young, they're hot and they're ready for their close-ups. Behold our guide to Hollywood's new guard -- from, the already-verging to the just-emerging.

Christopher Walken: Walken Tall
Christopher Walken has been doing it his way since he started in show business at the age of three. Now he's inspiring a new generation of actors.

Eric Bana: Trojan Man
Eric Bana is tall, dark, handsome and poised to take Brad Pitt to task as Hector, the brave (and sometimes shirtless) warrior prince in this month's epic extravaganza, Troy.