Alicia Silverstone: Arousing Alicia

Parked outside Alicia Silverstone's trailer on the set of her NBC series Miss Match is an eco-friendly Toyota Prius hybrid, which is not surprising, given the 27-year-old vegan actress' well-publicized views on animal rights and the environment. On the car's back window, someone has scrawled "Watch me, please."


This makes sense, for although Miss Match has been well-received by critics--Silverstone was even nominated for a Golden Globe for her turn as the divorce attorney-by-day, matchmaker-by-night Kate Fox--ratings have been less than spectacular.

Oh, wait, the window says: "Wash me, please." This makes even more sense because the car's covered in dust.

Bad auto hygiene. It's just one more thing to find adorable about Alicia Silverstone. Though her 12-year career has had its highs--_Clueless_, those Aerosmith videos--and lows--_Batman & Robin_, anyone?--one thing has remained relatively consistent. People just seem to like her.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SHOOTING for the season on Miss Match. Dressed in her outfit for tonight's wrap party--jeans, a rocker T and black Stella McCartney jacket--Silverstone stretches out on the sofa in her trailer and reflects on this chapter of her life. "It's sad, and I had weird dreams about it last night," admits the actress, who made a brief return to the big screen in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and will join Queen Latifah in the Barbershop spinoff movie Beauty Shop. "But I've had the best time. I love playing Kate Fox. She's so romantic and excited by life and those are things that I absolutely relate to. I want people to feel all gooey inside."

Mission accomplished.

DENNIS HENSLEY: Do you hope Miss Match gets renewed for another season, or are you ready to move on?

ALICIA SILVERSTONE: I've made great relationships here, and it would be a shame for us all not to be together for another season. I love working with NBC. They sent me to a Radiohead concert, so they're good in my book.

Q: Did you go backstage and meet the band?

A: They're too amazing to even want to meet.

Q: What celebrity would you really want to meet?

A: Prince, he's my big love god. Wasn't he amazing on the Grammys with Beyoncé? She was smokin' hot. I don't think I've seen something that hot in, like, my fantasies.

Q: So you have a little crush on Beyoncé?

A: [Laughs] I guess. She looked like your best fantasy of a Barbie doll, like when you're a little girl and you have these ideas of what a woman is. She is that.

Q: Back to Miss Match. Has it been fun working on a project that's all about love and romance?

A: I've always been a big sucker for love. It's what everybody is searching for--even the angriest, most upset people. So I feel like I'm in a really cool, ongoing Meg Ryan movie.

Q: You don't seem jaded, on or off screen. Given that you were so successful so young, you could have turned out a whole different way.

A: What way could I have gone?

Q: You could have gotten messed up on drugs or alcohol or been sort of desperate for attention, like turning up on all fours in Maxim.

A: I was on all fours in Detour, but that was with David LaChapelle, an artiste. [Laughs] No, I know what you mean. I feel like I've always had really good ideas of what I wanted, and I had my priorities straight.

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