Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, March/April 2003

March/April 2003


Candy Colored Dream
In the period comedy Down with Love, Renée Zellweger plays a self-help writer as dedicated to fashion as she is to feminism. Her foil, played by Ewan McGregor, is a journalist who's a cad but no slouch in the style department. In fact, there's not a person, place or thing in this film that doesn't ring with the snappy, optimistic look of 1963.

Attack of the Killer Second Bananas
Nothing bums big actors out than having their performances overshadowed by modern-day Eve Harringtons. Just look at what happened to Annabeth Gish when Julia Roberts took a bite out of Mystic Pizza.

Mandy Moore: Getting Moore
She went from pop princess to serious actress with A Walk To Remember, and now she's going comedic with How to Deal. And instead of dating a movie star or rock god, she's being courted by tennis ace Andy Roddick. How will Mandy Moore surprise us next?

Chris Evans
Having loads of looks and charm doesn't necessarily guarantee success in the movie business. Massachusetts native Chris Evans was aware of this so he smartly interned for free at a New York City casting agency, which led to him finding an agent, before heading out west.

Drew Barrymore: The Latest Drew Stories
She's only 28, but Drew Barrymore has already lived through several phases, her latest being megaproducer--she has Charlies Angels: Full Throttle and Duplex coming up next. Here she discusses her lucky career streak and brings us up to date on all things Drew--the new guy in her life, the friendship she's trying to start with ex Tom Green, the fondness she feels for George Clooney, the advice she'd give Winona Ryder and the way she currently feels about her breasts.

Scott Speedman: The Outsider on the Inside
He has had success on the small screen as Keri Russell's obsession in "Felicity," and it looks like he may score on the big screen, too, with the cop caper, Dark Blue. But Scott Speedman is refusing to go Hollywood. He doesn't even own a cell phone.

Richard Zanuck: England in California
Richard Zanuck is so Hollywood -- not only has he developed classics like The Sound of Music, and produced hits like Road to Perdition, but his father is former studio honcho Darryl F. Zanuck. When Richard is at home in Beverly Hills, however, he prefers to feel like he's in a whole other world.

Phillip Noyce: The Reinventor
He established himself as a skilled director of small Australian films and went on to make big extravaganzas like Patriot Games. Now that he has turned out the impressive indies Rabbit-Proof Fence and The Quiet American, is Hollywood telling Phillip Noyce he can do whatever he pleases?