Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December/January 2003

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December/January 2003


Michael Caine
"I'm getting offers I can't refuse," reports a buoyant Michael Caine. As the lead in Phillip Noyce's brooding The Quiet American, Caine is thrilled to again have top billing after years of stealing the spotlight in supporting roles (Little Voice, The Cider House Rules).

Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels has been in some big blockbusters, from Arachnophobia to Dumb & Dumber. But he still feels skittish about the business, which is why he enjoys spending his free time doing theater in Michigan.

<a href="">Jeffrey Wadlow
It's the kind of overnight sensation experience that brings fame-hungry wannabes to L.A. by the busload: with no prior credits to his name, Jeffrey Wadlow recently bagged a $1 million production deal as winner of the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival.

Tara Nova

Today's McMansion mentality owes much of its dream power to the big screen.

Courteney Cox: Cruising Along
Like her "Friends" character, Monica Geller Bing, Courteney Cox Arquette is type-A, but unlike Monica, she has the means to indulge in luxuries that help calm her restless soul -- like that glorious $10 million Malibu mansion and a speedy Mercedes-Benz CL600. But what she enjoys most are the things she can't put a price tag on, like the happy relationship she has with her husband, David.

<a href="">Jennifer Lopez: Lo Goes Luxe
Jennifer Lopez's new romantic comedy, Maid in Manhattan, is a lesson in luxury.

<a href="">Bridget Moynahan: Rock My World
In The Recruit, Bridget Moynahan plays Colin Farrell's serious-minded love interest, so we decided to loosen her up in a rock star fantasy photo splash at the luxe Summit Hotel Bel-Air.

<a href="">Ray Liotta: Ray of Lightning
Ray Liotta has had a wild ride of a career, with twisted roles (Something Wild) and strange turns (Operation Dumbo Drop). Now he's back as a lethal loon in the heavily anticipated Narc, which is shrouded in Oscar talk, thanks to Tom Cruise.