Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July/August 2002

July/August 2002


Though her non-singing voice is so willowy you strain to hear it, 22-year-old Mya (last name: Harrison) is nothing if not the quintessential pop star.

Rufus Wainwright
With his melancholy voice, unashamedly flamboyant personality and lush melodies, Rufus Wainwright wowed critics with his 1998 self-titled DreamWorks debut, last year's follow-up, Poses, and contributions to soundtracks like Moulin Rouge and I Am Sam.

Beyonce: The Golden Grrrl in Goldmember
Beyoncé Knowles has already caused a stir with the pop trio she fronts, Destiny's Child. Now she's out to seduce moviegoers by playing Mike Myers's sidekick in Austin Powers in Goldmember. But your typical hot-headed megacelebrity hyphenate she is not.

Enrique Iglesias: His Father's Son
Enrique Iglesias admits he loves the all-powerful rush of live performance. The deliberately small part he took for his film debut, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, though, strikes fear in him.

Anthony Kiedis: I'm A Pepper
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS front man Anthony Kiedis has never been known for holding back, and he doesn't here either, especially when it comes to big movie stars.

P. Diddy: Slow Daddy
Considering what an enormous celebrity he is, P. Diddy (aka Puff Daddy and Sean Combs) could have jumped into a number of splashy big-budget films, but he waited for a gem. Now, after finding one with Monster's Ball, he's sticking to his plan.

Brandon Boyd: Oh Boyd
Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of Incubus, shares his views on TV (he doesn't like it much) and films (he doesn't like them much, either, except for surf flicks and anything directed by Tim Burton).

Pete Yorn: Yorn Free
Pete Yorn has a close connection to the movie industry--he scored Me, Myself & Irene and one of his songs is inspired by a Bruce Willis flick--but in front of the cameras he'll never be.

Jessica Simpson: Star Power
Jessica Simpson is looking to parlay her superstar singing career into movie stardom. In the meantime, she's having fun playing with images, like she does here by taking on the essence of STAR 80.

The 25 Best Soundtracks & Scores
Here's one take on the best of screen music. Feel free to disagree.

Frank Sinatra: How Frankie Came to Hollywood
Decades before Sting and Madonna made the leap from music to movies, Frank Sinatra did it, and he did it better than anyone else before (and, arguably, after) him -- he even walked away with an Oscar. Here's the long, hard path he took to win big-screen glory.

Shane West: Shane Gets Stripped
Shane West joins his Jonny Was bandmates for a guided tour of L.A.'s famed Sunset Strip, where The Doors once broke on through and stars like Brad Pitt take in shows today.

Meredith Brooks: No More Bitching
Rather than immediately cashing out on the success of her breakout single "Bitch," Meredith Brooks took her time -- now, happily, she's got a new album, a successful producing career (she oversaw Jennifer Love Hewitt's newest effort) and a quaint home that's not at all what you'd expect.