Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, June 2002

June 2002


Deborah Lynn Scott: Time Traveler
She's famous for dressing period treats like Titanic, but now costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott is taking a step into the future with Minority Report.

Hayden Christensen: Darth Victory
Ever since it was announced he would play the antihero of the dark, romantic Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones, Hayden Christensen has been feeling everyone's eyes on him. Here he reveals how he's been dealing with the pressure, while George Lucas and other Star Wars crew explain why they've entrusted their golden franchise to a newcomer from Canada.

Lost in the Looking Glass
When Hollywood makes movies about Hollywood, the villains are really sick and the backstabbing is extra painful.

Olivier Martinez: A Fresh Distraction
French star Olivier Martinez is out to seduce American moviegoers as successfully as he does Diane Lane in Adrian Lyne's Unfaithful.

Designing Hollywood
How do people whose lives consist of taking on serial identities, assuming the psyches of one made-up character after another, figure out how they wish to be at home? How do they and all the other people who help them win at pretending, come by an environment in which they can rest their multiple selves, soothe their insecurities, renew their will, and still present to all who enter their inner sanctums an image of success and sophistication?

Faye Dunaway: Through The Eyes Of Faye Dunaway
No one knows Hollywood like Faye Dunaway, who's starred in everything from the classics Bonnie and Clyde and Chinatown to Gia and the upcoming The Rules of Attraction. Here's her take on a town that, according to her, isn't what it used to be.

Robert Evans: Staying in the Picture
Legendary producer Robert Evans, whose career includes Chinatown, The Godfather, the new The Kid Stays In The Picture and an upcoming Matthew McConaughey flick shows off his home theater spread.

The Way They Were
The 1975 satire Shampoo depicts an insane and vain, but far from plain, L.A. Here, Ian Somerhalder, Marina Black and Clare Kramer put a modern spin on the cut-and-blow classic.