Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, April 2002

April 2002


Scott Foley
Though Scott Foley is a product of the WB--he got his break with a bit part on "Dawson's Creek" and shot to fame playing crisis-prone collegian Noel opposite Keri Russell on "Felicity"--he doesn't conduct himself like most of the stars who work for the youth-dominated TV network.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Into The Mind Of Michelle
Michelle Pfeiffer is an example of how a world-class beauty can maintain a decades-long film career by making the right choices, her latest being I Am Sam. But these days she's less concerned with getting ahead than she is about getting inside her own head. Here she gives us a peek of what it's like to be her.

Jared Leto: Thriving in the Dark
In an effort to shed the teen pinup image he earned on "My So-Called Life," Jared Leto searched his lower depths for films like Fight Club and Requiem for a Dream. And in his current offering, the nightmarish thriller Panic Room, he doesn't seem to be detouring much from his course.

The Write Stuff
Among the hundreds of dreadful films that were released last year, there was a handful of surprise games. What made them stand out? As usual, dynamic scripts.

The Standouts
Every year a handful of performances by young actors are remembered for their complexity, originality and depth. Here are the top 10 of 2001, which have been nominated for Movieline's Fourth Annual Young Hollywood Awards.

Along Came A Spidey
Will the much-anticipated Spider-Man spin director Sam Raimi into the stratosphere? Here the mastermind of the successful Evil Dead trilogy gives his predictions, and lets us in on a few details about his epic offering--from what tips he took from Titanic director James Cameron to why he cast Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as lovers.

The 10 Most Famous Actors Who Never Won Oscars
It's hard to believe that some of Hollywood's most talented artists never won Oscars. Sometimes it had to do with bad timing, other times the actor was too big a movie star. And then there are the cases when the Academy seemed to be snoozing.

After the Show
Dagmara Dominczyk, the jewel of The Count of Monte Cristo, slips into four different looks for the Oscar after-parties, where the real fun takes place.