Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, February/March 2002

February/March 2002


Roselyn Sanchez
Best known as the disarmingly attractive Secret Service agent who set hearts afire in last summer's Rush Hour 2, actress/dancer/singer Roselyn Sanchez has come a long way since leaving her native Puerto Rico seven years ago to spread her wings in New York City.

Shane West
AGE: 23. WALK MAN: West starred in last month's high-school weepie A Walk to Remember--based on the Nicholas Sparks novel--as a rebel whose reckless car accident forces him into the tutelage of a downtrodden preacher's daughter, played by mega-selling pop siren Mandy Moore.

Foreign Bodies
As the Hollywood-movie sex scene has grown increasingly chaste (or vanished altogether), European films have gotten more explicit than ever.

Julianne Moore: Wanting Moore
On the verge of a long-overdue break from her incessant work schedule (more than a dozen films in the last three years alone) and awaiting the birth of her second child, two-time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore discusses motherhood, money, on-screen nudity, on-set nooky and her latest film, The Shipping News.

The Building of a Bombshell
No one packaged mass seduction like old-time Hollywood, but getting actresses to look the part was hardly an overnight achievement.

Selma Blair: The Blair Necessities
She raised eyebrows (and other anatomical parts) when she swapped spit with Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions, but in her new film Storytelling, Selma Blair leaves teen flicks in the dust with a sex scene so controversial, director Todd Solondz had to conceal it to preserve an R rating.

The Screen's 20 Most Seductive Scenes
Do you feel the need to brush up on the fine art of l'amour? From the silent era to the age of Moviefone, Hollywood moviemakers have consistently created memorable erotic scenes, lines of dialogue and privileged moments.

Eric Bana: Star-Spangled Bana
The former stand-up comic wowed film festival crowds in Chopper. Now the Aussie is in the macho cast of Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down, and he'll next play the Incredible Hulk for Ang Lee. What do you mean who's Eric Bana?

Monica Belluci: The Full Monica
Although she has been a household name in Europe for years, Monica Bellucci is still a well-kept secret to most Americans. But the Italian idol should have global stardom in her sights with key roles in the French-made action-thriller Brotherhood of the Wolf and the secrecy-shrouded sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

You Can Leave Your Shirt On
It used to be the ladies who couldn't keep their blouses buttoned, but now mature actors are taking over the trend. That would be fine if only shipshape stars such as Pierce Brosnan and Mel Gibson were stripping, but that's hardly the case. Now even vintage lookers like James Garner and Anthony Hopkins are flashing their torsos. Just how much can audiences stomach of this peculiar pectoral parade?

Carmen Electra: Peasant Thoughts
Carmen Electra has been rich in love (she's engaged to rocker Dave Navarro) and in her career (she's starring in the upcoming comedy The Guest opposite Tara Reid), so for our pages she's taken, a change of pace by dressing up like a peasant, albeit a pretty glamorous one.