Roselyn Sanchez

Best known as the disarmingly attractive Secret Service agent who set hearts afire in last summer's Rush Hour 2, actress/dancer/singer Roselyn Sanchez has come a long way since leaving her native Puerto Rico seven years ago to spread her wings in New York City.


Since an early segue from Spanish comedy on the island ("Que Vacilon") to American melodrama in the Big Apple ("As the World Turns"), the former beauty queen has gotten to know the mainland almost as well as she's gotten to know Hollywood. She's discussing a TV deal with ABC, putting the finishing touches on a dramatic screenplay, Yellow _('It's my dream"), and would like to start work on a pop CD. And next up on the big screen, she's tangoing opposite Cuba Gooding Jr. in the romantic comedy _Boat Trip.

Q: What was your first month in New York like?

A: I cried every day. Every day. It was like, Wow, I had it all in Puerto Rico. I had a comedy show, I had a boyfriend, family, friends. But I knew I wasn't gonna go back. I said, "I'm gonna cry for a couple of months, I'm gonna miss Puerto Rico and get over it; I'm gonna meet people, I'm gonna get my first job and things will change." And that's exactly what happened.

Q: Tell me about Boat Trip.

A: Working with Cuba was like a dream and amazingly enough, the role wasn't even originally written for a Latina! I was so proud of that.

Q: Do you worry about being typecast in certain roles, especially sexy ones?

A: At some point, I'm gonna be lucky enough to get a part where sexuality has nothing to do with it. And I think that I will have to create that for myself But I'm working, I'm very happy and I love the fact that people relate "Latina" to fire, sexiness. It's a wonderful thing--until the one day where I go, "Enough, I just wanna act."

Q: So what do you find sexy?

A: I love someone who can make me laugh. And someone who's secure--I think that's sexy. And I like ... sandals. [Laughing] Men that wear sandals. That show their toes. I like that.


Daniel Davis