Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 2001

September 2001


Padma Lakshmi
Don't hate Padma Lakshmi because she's beautiful. Hate her because she speaks five languages and is a best-selling author, a skilled chef and a globe-trotting fashion model.

Bridget Moynahan
"I get dumped a lot," says Bridget Moynahan. Not in real life mind you, but in the world of Hollywood make-believe. For example, Moynahan played the socialite (also known as "the stick figure with no soul") who came between Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth in HBO's "Sex and the City," then lost Noth.

Peter Krause
For more than a decade Peter Krause was just another hardworking SAG member who made a decent living. Along the way he popped up in sitcoms like "Seinfeld," became a regular on "Cybill" and a lead on "Sports Night," and appeared in films as varied as Blood Harvest and The Truman Show.

Heather Graham: The Heat on Heather
Heather Graham has always deftly balanced edgy indies and major studio to-dos--this fall she's starring in the small, heartfelt Sidewalks of New York, the small, twisted Killing Me Softly and the big, scary From Hell. But it's been a long road to success. Here she shares what she's learned along the way, from how it's impossible to predict which project will work out to why on-set romances aren't a good idea.

Movies As A Muse
Anyone who's seen the documentary Unzipped knows Isaac Mizrahi generously borrowed style ideas from Loretta Young's wardrobe in The Call of the Wild, but he's hardly the only fashion designer to have relied on Hollywood. Here, five other designers reveal which films have influenced their collections of past and present.

Styled to Perfection
The way stars look is so crucial to their ability to gain employment in Hollywood that it's not unusual for them to spend thousands of dollars a day for sartorial advice. Sometimes the results are god-awful, sometimes they're just good and sometimes they're so great it's hard to understand why the celebrities don't stick with those styles forever. Here are five cases where the clothes couldn't fit better.

Teri Polo: Teri on a Tear
Teri Polo had spent more than a dozen years trying to get a break in Hollywood when Meet the Parents came along. She's hoping her starring role opposite John Travolta in Domestic Disturbance will solidify her new status.

Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
Dominick Dunne is best known for covering high-profile criminal cases, which he's written about in his new book, Justice. But long before he set foot in a courtroom, he was a Hollywood producer who clinked champagne flutes with the best of them. Here he tells Martha Frankel about the party days of yesteryear, and names which big stars he'd like to invite to his dream soiree.

Katherine Heigl: Katherine The Great
She's already mastered playing a woman from another galaxy on "Roswell" so we thought it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Katherine Heigl to play a woman from another era--Old Hollywood--for our pages.