Bridget Moynahan

"I get dumped a lot," says Bridget Moynahan. Not in real life mind you, but in the world of Hollywood make-believe. For example, Moynahan played the socialite (also known as "the stick figure with no soul") who came between Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth in HBO's "Sex and the City," then lost Noth.


And in the upcoming romantic comedy Serendipity, Moynahan plays a young woman whose fiancé (John Cusack) becomes smitten with Kate Beckinsale. But next year, Moynahan not only gets the guy--the guy she gets is Ben Affleck, and she gets him in the film version of author Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan prequel The Sum of All Fears. Ben, taking the reins of the megahit franchise from Harrison Ford, plays the younger Ryan and Moynahan plays the younger version of Cathy Muller Ryan, the Anne Archer part in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. "This film takes place early in the career of Jack Ryan," she explains. "It's before they're married--they've just started dating. This film deals with whether or not Cathy will be able to handle Jack's secret life [in the CIA]." Moynahan, however, does not seem enamored of the passive role Cathy has played so far. In case there's a sequel to The Sum of All Fears, Moynahan, a self-confessed action film aficionada, has this message for Clancy: "Add a little more action for Cathy, please."


Dennis Brabham

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